To The Moon And Back

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To The Moon And Back

The Plane

The Rocket

The Hot Air Balloon

The Space Ship

This new series is much easier to make as compared to the previous one. The material used is poly shrink, a kind of plastic sheet which can be drawn on then shrunk in the oven. The result is a miniature pendent about 1/3 its original size. If you look closely enough (and I mean scrutinize), you would realize that the black lining and the blocks of colours are on different sides of the pendent. This is intentionally done to give the pendent a 3D effect! (it is more obvious in the actual product than in the photo, if only photos were 3D… )


The Little Chilli

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Here are a few items available at the store from the new series: The Ship That Never Sailed

Queen Anne’s Revenge

The Flying Dutchman


It is a follow-up project from my previous post. A few things I’ve improved on are the quality of the wood and the size of the necklace (which is much smaller now). And yes, all the necklaces are named after the ships in The Pirates of Caribbean (one of my all time favorite movies!). There was this scene where the ships were all shrunk and encapsulated in bottles by a curse. There are a total of 5 necklaces from this series, all of them uniquely handmade. I have already made plans for a new series and would hope to start on it soon. (:

The Ship That Never Sailed

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A necklace I made using wood and paper. It is entirely hand carved which took alot of effort, physically (hands aching now D:). I made this with the intention of creating a new brand, selling handmade products. Haven’t quite figured how that would work out, but I hope it does. It would either be an online store or a “locker” store at toy outpost. Still in the midst of branding it…

Anyway, this is a prototype (and is kinda a failed product) and I am currently working on the actual one meant for sale. It would be smaller, which would also mean more effort ):. I would be really grateful if you guys can give some comments, or maybe state any interest because I am still in the process of working all these out. Thanks :) would update regularly on any new products!


Planner 2012

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Finally a post, after a really long while…

As the title suggests, this is a planner I made for the year 2012. Took me a really long time to finally get down to making it, *sigh* I’m just lazy. It is a hard cover with a patterned cloth stretched over it, so it has a nice texture. I prefer things simple.

Here I will show a few snippets of the pages inside:

for the month of May.

for the month of September.

and lastly, for the month of December. By now you would probably guess that the number at the bottom of the pictures indicate the month. Yay. The truth is that I was too lazy to spell out the entire month, so I resorted to writing numbers instead.

Time for a close up. Yup, all words are hand-written and all lines are hand-drawn.

The making process is relatively simple, although the binding took me 3 tries :/ . The pages are made entirely of mini postcards I found at home (I kind of decided I would never really use them anyway). 1 page uses 3 postcards. They are then stuck together with masking tape, this makes up the yellow-y border. Then I stuck a piece of brown paper on the back, which would be the page for the planner. The entire book is then bond together using only tape. ( I had 2 failed previous attempts binding the book with wood glue and elephant glue D: )

And yup there you go, a planner is done!

Just Another Shoe Project

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fireflies on a shiny silver shoe :3


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carrot ear rings i made for a friend using clay :D (one stud, one dangly)

made the backing just to make it look professional…

Bunny Phone Pouch

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Yet another phone pouch..this one took much longer to make cause of the colourful stripes.